KashMania is a  7 year old aspiring entertainer/influencer with the hit single Snack Out, which features Boosie.  He started his journey at the age of 3 years with a Youtube Channel and along with creating music.  Kashmania has a verified account on Instagram with 148,000+ followers.

Throughout his travels, Kashmania has met many celebrities, interviewed at several radio stations, and been a part of many community activities to continue on his path.  He has never met a stranger and has a welcoming spirit like no other.  

KashMania has formed various relationships that helped him accomplish his goals of inspiring other kids and even adults.  Using his social media platform, this goal was also obtained by conducting social experiments within the community spreading positive energy with simple hugs, his infamous handshakes, and kind generous gestures.  Through this, the Snack Out Foundation was formed in hopes to expand his social experiments. 

In the efforts of inspiring others, the D.O.P.E acronym was created standing for Determined, Outstanding, Person Everyday.  To promote fatherhood, motherhood and family in general, a t-shirt line was created with the words "I AM A D.O.P.E Father", "Mother", "Sister", "Brother" and "Kid W/A Big Dream".  These are motivational quotes to wear daily to remind ourselves that we are D.O.P.E individuals by being determined to succeed and being an outstanding person in everything that we do everyday!      

Proceeds from the D.O.P.E line is used to help fund the social experiments which helps bless others in the process.